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When cant I see it?
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In a world where nothing is certain, there are constants and Microsoft is one of those.
Another is the need to keep development running smoothly and continuously delivering projects so the stakeholders can see the progress you are making.

Doing this manually means stopping what you are doing to do this chore.
This house-keeping is not earning you money, is tedious and error prone.

What you need are the Strategies to allow your team to focus in on doing what they do best.
Leave the rest to us!

Using proven software development best practice the assistance we offer is total and complete.

Running continuous, multiple integrations per day, leads to significantly reduced integration problems and allows a team to develop cohesive software more rapidly

Getting all this to work smoothly is obviously easier said than done and can be a daunting learning curve for the best of us.

Everything to keep your development team and your applications running smooth. Saving you time and money.

An Agile Application Lifecycle Management applies tools and automation to support people and processes — the way they work best — at each stage of the software development process.
It increases the team performance, whist Reducing Risk and Removing Roadblocks which increases the Speed to Market and the ability to Take Advantage of New Opportunities.

Utilizing relentless automation you Reduce Release times by 70%, Cut Costs by 50%, Reduce Defects by 67% and Reduce Management Effort by 25%

Welcome to timberzen consulting

We are a solution architecture consultancy, with a passion of enabling development teams to infuse their build with the intangible magic that transforms pure functionality into a delightful application experience on any device, yet maintain quality that they can be proud of and exceeding customer expectations.

We know that you’re after something different.
You want to utilise today’s innovative technologies to meet the needs of your business faster than your competitors. You also want a solution that is usable and distinctly yours.

Interactive technologies can do wonders for businesses – if companies are smart about how they are implemented and applied. timberzen is a technology and creative services company serving the needs of organisations wishing to conduct business interactively.

We don’t deal with out-of-the-box implementations, but bring together the right mix of capabilities, expertise and technology to provide each company with a solution that distinctly and specifically meets its needs. In addition, timberzen is vendor-independent, which means we provide unbiased advice and designs to ensure that you get the right application for your business.

Our passion is enabling developers to infuse their build with the intangible magic that transforms pure functionality into a delightful application experience on any screen whilst allowing much of the drudgery to be automated, with delivery to be more predictable.  Our Stratergy to making software development more productive is by adopting the right agile approaches and the most effective tooling leading to the product delivery by your team, to become a High Velocity Team.

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Our Experience

With over 25 years of IT  and Operations experience and more than 10 years, we have been pioneering Agile approaches on key software projects.

We have solid experience with the Microsoft technology stack.

Our skills in DevOps , even before Development Operations was anywhere close to mainstream, were to us routine.

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Agile Capabilities

Our range of capabilities allow us to deliver complex solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals effectively, efficiently, and - not least - rapidly.

Whether our clients are seeking to develop an entirely new online business or address new target groups from an existing application, we can provide the expertise and understanding to deliver the right solution.

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Technology Adoption

There are many vendors out there that promise their package will be the magic bullet but which will work for you?

We do the research, so you don't have to

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Our Solutions

Agile adoption allows companies to realize higher quality with greater efficiency, reducing cost to build, change and support their software.

Almost 90% of executives cite organizational agility as key to global success, and research conducted at M.I.T suggests that Agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profit than non-Agile ones.

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