Our Experience

With over 30 years of IT and Operations experience. Having solid engineering foundations and enterprise solution archtecture, we have been pioneering Agile approaches on key software projects for many years now.

We have solid experience with the Microsoft Technology stack (since VB3) thru to ASP.NET and Azure

Our skills in DevOps even before Development Operations was anywhere close to mainstream were to us routine

Application Development

Our teams have a long experience and a proven know-how in the development of business applications with integration into the existing IS of the company. We perform business applications using both client-server architectures (WPF client, Entity Framework, data in SQL Server), or N-tier architectures using application services (SOA, WCF, REST, ...) between Back -offices and Front-Offices. We also have a strong expertise in the development and implementation of enterprise frameworks that rely on code accelerators, type automatic generation or meta-programming These internal frameworks make it possible to shorten the development cycles and facilitate a rapid increase in the skills of the company's development teams. Our expertise is built on Microsoft development technologies, but we have solid expertise in interoperability with other technologies (for example, a .NET client that communicates with Java Web Services). Our teams intervene on these subjects according to different scenarios:
DEVELOPMENT full spectrum development using the MS stack
ACCOMPANYING in the upstream phases for architectural design
ADVICE interventions in consulting and expertise throughout your projects lifecycle
TRAINING your development teams [...]

Application LifeCycle

We support our customers across the full range of Visual Studio products, from the customer development environment to the servers. We rely on both the Team Foundation Server (TFS) site version and the Visual Studio Online (VSO) cloud version. ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) is composed of 5 major axes: source code control, project management, continuous integration, testing and reporting. Each of these axes can be implemented at a level adapted to the objectives of your development teams.
DevOps In addition to ALM, DevOps brings together development teams and operational teams. We support you on all subjects ALM and DevOps by means of 3 types of intervention:
ADVICE : Advice, training and coaching for the implementation of consistent work methods adapted to your constraints ALM TOOLS Installing, configuring, and customizing ALM tools, including Team Foundation Server Setting up a cloud ALM platform with Visual Studio Online (source code management, agile project monitoring ...) and Microsoft Azure (load tests, builds ...)
ALM PLATFORM : Creating customized tools to meet your specific needs We capitalizes on its long-standing ALM experience to share best practices that will allow you to automate, organize and optimize the work of your development teams on a daily basis.e solutions put in place make it possible to easily manage a scalable, scalable and secure fleet of devices and manage billions of simultaneous messages in a powerful and secure way. [...]


We support companies in their evolution to the cloud, capitalizing on our proven experience and our expertise in all technical services of the Microsoft Azure platform.
We can help in:
ARCHITECTURE : Defining an Application Architecture Designed for the Cloud
MIGRATION : Adapting and migrating existing applications to the cloud
CODE REVIEW : Review and optimization of code running under Azure
TRAINING : Training and consulting on the various services composing the Azure platform
In addition, thanks to our experience and expertise, we have developed on the Azure platform, several complete solutions to address different usage scenarios. [...]

Application Development

In Web development, we help in the realization of websites (B2C) as well as on the realization of web applications (B2B).
Our technical expertise is built on the server side , on the ASP.NET from WebForms to MVC Core2 technology supplemented by the ASP .NET WebAPI framework for the implementation of service-oriented architectures. On the client side, we create responsive HTML 5 sites, with Bootstrap or custom depending on the case. To create web applications, we rely on JS frameworks from JQuery to Angular. To industrialize our developments, we rely on npm, gulp, bower and Visual Studio Enterprise.
We also have strong expertise in implementing scalability tests and optimizing website performance , both on the client and server side. From a website, we create with Cordova cross platform applications very quickly. [...]

Application Development

Our teams design usage scenarios for different types of screens : Web browser, Windows desktop, Windows tablets or smartphones and other platforms through Xamarin, NativeScript or Apache Cordova. We design interfaces for different modes of interaction : tactile experience, voice control, visual control, etc. Whether for consumer applications (B2C), or for business applications (B2B), we support our customers in 4 steps:
PROTOTYPING : technical validation of a choice of architecture and implementation of application ergonomics
ARCHITECTURE : definition of the bases of the development of the application (heavy client, Web, scenarios of mobile or tactile applications, etc.)
DEVELOPMENT : implementation of the application (code writing, graphic design in accordance with the guidelines of each platform, graphic integration, unit testing)
PUBLICATION : support of the submission process until validation and publication on the stores Thanks to our expertise Xamarin, NativeScript and Apache Cordova, we adapt mobile applications to all platforms (Windows Phone, Android and iOS), while developing them through a single code base.  [...]


We support our customers in their IoT projects by capitalizing on the experience of our consultants on Windows 10 IoT Core technologies, Azure IoT Hub and Azure. We work on the IoT projects of our clients in development mode, consulting and support, and this on the different layers of the project:
Recommendation of material solutions
HardwareHardware / software interface (management of MQTT, http and AMQP protocols)
DevelopmentDevelopment of the software logic of the device
Back-OfficeBack-Office management for real-time monitoring
Multi-platformDevelopment of multiplatform applications for the management and management of connected objects The solutions put in place make it possible to easily manage a scalable, scalable and secure fleet of devices and manage billions of simultaneous messages in a powerful and secure way. [...]

High Velocity
Team Transformation

Markets, including yours is being disrupted by a plethora of transformative technology, not just better apps, but a quantum leap in technological innovation accellerating change, this redefines the human experince redefining the new norms. [...]


All your competitors are a learning organization, but can you learn faster than them and get you product to market faster? Do you fear change? Will it break?  [...]

Strategic Business

Small, agile, ninja are fast enough to make a big impact is a disruptive market place. [...]


Focus on what you do the best and automate the rest...  [...]