Privacy Policy

At timberzen we take Privacy Seriously

This site if for information only and a marketing tool to inform you of what we do and how we can help.
Information may be gathered from your interaction of this site through "cookies" and your IP address.

In the systems we design we have a Security Document where the threat landscape is assessed and risks mitigated.
Whilst this common practise it large organizations with security resources, it is less likely in budget sites.

Your Data

Every web server contains a weblog of when and what was asked for from an IP access, This typically is a picture or a web page and was the download successful. An IP address, is the PC you were currently using, the address of this might change if you are using WiFi on the go versa its hard wired at home. From an IP address you can generally workout your Country and City(less so with cable). Your Browser tells any web server your language preference(eg US English versa Mexican Spanish). Recording all this data, is pointless unless you can make sense of it or have an interest in it. This site does not collect or use that data.
On other products the what and why of collecting data is clearly communicated and typically it is there to improve your experience of the website.
For example this site discovered what device you are coming in on and so adjust the content, as there is a big contrast in size between a wide screen internet TV and a Smartphone.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are blocks of text placed in files on your computer's hard drive when you visit a web site which contain information to identify you. A cookie does not contain any personal information you have provided us with, except your user name, unless the cookie attached to personal information collected another way, such as by means of your on-line registration form.

What is an IP/Internet Protocol address?

timberzen automatically receives and records information on our web server logs from your browser including your Internet Protocol address. Every computer on the internet has an IP address(this can be masked via a proxy) which is a unique number by which it can be identified. timberzen records IP addresses for anonymous statistical purposes, administration of our website and servers, and to improve our services

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