Through our focused end-to-end track record of delivering Open Architecture solutions, timberzen can provide highly experienced talent to provide you with a range of solution that delivers to your needs.

UI Development

As DevCraft Masters
We apply the ultimate toolset for web, desktop and mobile application development to the aid of your requirements.
From rich, high-performance UI controls to timesaving data access and reporting engines to coding and performance tools you can’t live without. Backed by the industry’s most dedicated support team, Telerik DevCraft helps over 100,000 developers worldwide  deliver more than expected every day.   [...]

We do this by providing:
Rapid Prototyping and Proof of Concept - Why build a prototype when it could be the real thing, that's why we used wireframes! However, Telerik UI development can be like the real thing connecting to mock data sources. This gives you greater confidence of what the end product will look like as well as a prototype for the sales team.
Design, Build and Testing of Open Architecture systems - Using an integrated framework that works together seamlessly, that is 100% supported is reassuring.

Icenium: AppBuilder

This cloud-based environment enables you to code once and develop, test, and publish native-running applications for the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platforms using only HTML5 and JavaScript. Takes advantage of Icenium's seamless creation of backend services and integrated support for Kendo UI Mobile, Kendo UI DataViz, jQuery Mobile, and Telerik Analytics. If it wasn’t for Telerik and its ease of use, and develop-once-and-deploy-many strategy, we would have never hit our deadlines.


Everlive services (BaaS) speed up development time by providing your app with data and files storage, user management, cloud code execution and email notifications. Everlive backend services work seamlessly with Icenium allowing you to integrate them in your app today. [...]

Application Analytics

Telerik’s EQATEC Analytics is an effective, yet simple way to monitor and track mobile, web and desktop applications at run-time, 24/7. Collected data helps developers reduce support and focus on their next great feature.
EQATEC is similar to Google Analytics, but available for many more platforms, including ASP.NET, MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WinForms, Windows Phone, Windows 8, MacOS, iOS, Android, Java. Microsoft, Google and Apple use run-time analytics, shouldn’t you?   [...]

WebAPIs, WCF, RESTful Services

  • Can your Web APIs stand the test of time?
  • Do you have them documented or will you get around to that some day?
  • Have you got them included in your Change Control process?
  • Do you have them created and tested by automation?
  • Do you have an asset inventory?

Open Access ORM vs Entity Framework

Telerik OpenAccess ORM takes over the mundane tasks of generating the data access code for your .NET application (C# or VB.NET), effectively relieving you from a significant portion of your relational data persistence tasks. The generated code has already been tested extensively by Telerik and conforms the latest object-oriented development standards. By doing the heavy lifting, OpenAccess ORM can save you between 20% and 85% of development and testing time.
Telerik's object-relational mapping tool has been designed to help, rather than to intervene. It uses just a few megs of memory on the client, it is extremely efficient when fetching data (even in large data-intensive applications), and comes with many tools and techniques to help you optimize the data access performance even further.

Unlike Entity Framework you can profile it during execution and health check when in production.

Exploratory Testing


Manual Testing


What this means

  • Consistent set of UI Controls for ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Kendo to Win Forms and WPF
    What these means is that you have the same set of controls for Web, Windows or Mobile.
    They all behave in the same sort of way and with the same consistency, you can expect them to have the same capabilities and be testable. What this means is that the underlying Business logic can be quickly applied to a different UI consumer and your business investment reused and levered elsewhere. Your customers get a consistent expression of your brand no matter the medium it is transferred to. RadControls enhance user experience by adding slick, desktop-like UI features to your web apps without losing performance. Having such an extensive feature set usually comes with a trade-off – slower and bloated code. However, RadControls offer an exceptional feature set, coupled with exceptional performance and end-user experience.
    All of which support internationalization ready for when you go global.
    As Telerik MasterCrasftsmen we are bound together around a common cause: creating products that enable the entire developer community to create one-of-a-kind app experiences for their customers, we make their lives easier by helping them do their jobs better and faster than ever before.
    Also see [reuse]
  • Web Forms4
    Its so un-cool these days not to use MVC.
    This is because classic is not testable (but what of MVP) it produces bloated HTML pages (if that's what you want), that its mark-up is dirty (compared to what) and its performance is slow (you tried ASYNC right?) The reality is that in Win Forms4 you can produce fast responsive sites that have a high return on investment.
    Of course you have a mix of both.
  • ASP.NET MVC/Kendo
    Sure when you create a MVC project it creates a Unit Test project, it did this when MVC was is beta some 10 years ago. There are many benefits to MVC, which means you have a very tight control over layout even to the point of using it to write Web APIs.
    It typically used for high volume sites, where there is a trade off between productivity and performance.
  • Kendo/SPA/JSON/WebAPIs - whilst this is used widely in Mobile Development, its true of any application where you want to move the load off the server into the browsers found on modern technology.
  • Mobile App & Pervasive Development

    There are three branches here, your site working will on any device, or running in disconnected mode or never connected mode. The only thing you can rely on is Javascript, CSS, HTML5 and a modern browser.

    This is all about reach and where your market is. However the unit testing framework is far more mature in visual studio that it is the java script in web browsers.

  • EverLive
    Telerik Everlive enables developers to build and manage mobile apps in significantly faster, easier and more scalable way. Everlive services speed up development time by providing your app with data and files storage, user management, cloud code execution and email notifications. Everlive backend services work seamlessly with Icenium allowing you to integrate them in your app today.
  • Why Telerik vs the others?
    Telerik are developers. That is who they are and whom they serve. Telerik is a place where people dream of working—where teams fearlessly break new ground unafraid of failure, never make the same mistake twice and tirelessly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, our competitors and ourselves.  We too believe in the future because we’re obsessed with developing brilliant solutions to the technical challenges of tomorrow so that our customers can develop amazing app experiences today.
    We have experience with other vendors and they all seem to be playing catch-up.
    When you want an simple to use automated testing suite, that can test both Silverlight / WPF through to Web/HTML5/Mobile apps that are cross platform compliant that is a bit timesaving, better still is when it all runs as part of Continuous Delivery on your your build or integration server.
    Of course you can can write a 'Coded UI Test' in VS2013 or in Firefox, but is it part of change control, how reactive is it to change, and will it report errors that it discovered between Firefox and Chrome? Simply put Telerik after years of having free access to all the leading UI tooling platforms from Infragistics, DevExpress, Syncfusion and Telerik you have to weight up both cost, support and speed of delivery - this maybe personal choice and thats not to say we are not familar in used the others, but there is a difference between a MasterCraftsman and a jack of all trades, and we beleive if there is one to Master then Telerik is a worthy investment.

Telerik Technology Experts

Being expert in technology trusted by over 1.7m Developers used by over 130K customer worldwide and having won hundreds of awards.
That Trust is backed up with Legendary support incidents, phone and remote web assistance, access to all community forums and more.